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“20/20 on ID” – “Murder in the Mansion”

Series Producer for “20/20 on ID” true-crime documentary series.

Mt. Everest Tragedy

Produced and wrote second act of 90-minute documentary for Discovery Channel about the tragic loss of sixteen Sherpas at the beginning of this year’s climbing season – the single deadliest day on Mt. Everest.

“20/20 on ID” – “A Trail of Death”

Series Producer for “20/20 on ID” true-crime documentary series.

Weather Gone Viral – Survival of the Fittest

Produced, wrote and directed pilot for a new clip show airing on The Weather Channel that features a mix of viral videos, pop up factoids, and head-scratching weather quizzes from around the world.

John Walsh’s “The Hunt”

Produced 2 episodes of John Walsh’s “The Hunt” for CNN. Victims’ rights advocate and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children spokesperson Walsh details ongoing criminal investigations of fugitives to expand searches outside the U.S.

Why Planes Crash – Sudden Impact

Produced, wrote and directed hour documentary airing on The Weather Channel and MSNBC profiling history’s most lethal plane crashes using state-of-the-art animation and survivor interviews.

Earthkeeping: A Call to Action

Produced, wrote and directed hour environmental documentary for WGBH after the first Earth Summit in Rio Di Janeiro.

Caught on Camera – High Velocity

Produced, wrote and directed episode of hour documentary series airing Sundays at 8 p.m. on MSNBC about extreme rescue stories, bad behavior, viral videos and other amazing footage.

Yahoo! News – Driven

Produced 10-part weekly webisode series about entrepreneurs.  Five episodes had over a million views – the top episodes had 3 million views and 1,500 Facebook recommends.

America’s Children: Poorest in a Land of Plenty

Produced, wrote and directed hour documentary, narrated by Maya Angelou, that aired nationally on Mother’s Day on NBC.

Hospice: To Die As We Lived

Wrote, directed and edited “Hospice: To Die as We Lived”, an Emmy award-winning half-hour documentary that profiled the hospice movement. Aired nationally on CBS News.

Works and Process at the Guggenheim: Altered States

Produced and directed six half-hour documentaries about new operas and ballets airing on PBS and A&E Network. Altered States was choreographed by Robert Joffrey for the Joffrey Ballet.

The Last of Life for Which the First Was Made

Produced, wrote and directoed documentary about intergenerational education at The Hebrew Home for the Aged and a grade school in the Bronx.